Balance Barre (65+)

Our popular Balance Barre class is our signature ballet-inspired workout class designed for adults 65+. This non-impact class focuses on balance, posture, coordination, flexibility and strength using gentle ballet barre combinations. We offer these classes in person in select areas, and virtually. Contact us to find out when our next Balance Barre sessions will be held. 


Ballet is great for Adults 65+

  • Ballet offers gentle weight-bearing exercise great for those with osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • Ballet helps improve mobility in the joints
  • Ballet builds muscle and prevent atrophy in the legs, glutes, arms, back and calves
  • Ballet helps build better balance and coordination
  • Ballet is a brain AND body workout helping alleviate stress  
  • Ballet helps improve posture and proper gait
  • Ballet can improve your stamina and endurance
  • Ballet is fun helping you move and keep active!