December 17, 2018



“This class makes me feel very happy and exuberant from all the beautiful movements. It makes my body feel so much better. After I finish the class, I feel so much different than before I started. It’s a feeling of love, happiness and grace while bringing back good memories.” 
Joan Harrison, 81
Private Lesson, Clayton, MO

“I love it because I love dancing and music. I had so much fun with the class and I feel it’s good for my body. It reminds me of what your posture should be.”
Barbara Panos, 85
The Sheridan at Chesterfield 

“This class makes me aware of my posture. I love the discipline. Ballet makes me feel like I’m flowing in the air.”
Marge Dougherty, 90
Friendship Village Chesterfield Care Center 

“We have one resident here, a gentleman, who gets so excited when he knows that it’s Senior Ballet day that it is truly a transformation for him. He absolutely loves the class and I love watching him enjoy it so. Thank you for what you do, you are helping us enrich lives.” 
Katrie Spink
Director of Lifestyle Enrichment at Meramec Bluffs Care Center

“Residents who were once dancers or musicians have fallen in love again with movements that may have seemed unattainable in their current state while other residents who had never taken a dance class before are made to feel like they are true dancers not only because of the simplicity of the moves, but also the beauty and elegance.” 
Kim Parks
Activity Coordinator at Friendship Village Chesterfield

“I feel so graceful afterward.”
June, 91
Bethesda Meadow

“It’s a mental stimuli…it puts me on a different plateau.”
Sally Baudendistel, 81
Delmar Garden South

I love the exercise we are getting in Senior Ballet- it’s very gradual for our old bodies.”
Marge Gedney, 81
The Fountains

“I come to be with my friends.”
Rosela Fiedler, 83
The Fountains

“This class rejuvenates me. It makes me more sure of myself. It makes me feel good inside.” 
Hesper, 94
Garden Villas West

“I loved the class, the teacher and the music.”
Jacquie Schariott
Delmar Garden South

“I used muscles that I haven’t used in a long time.”
Elaine Garner, 77
Meramac Bluffs, Parkinson’s patient

“I have a weak back and I’m using muscles that I haven’t used in a long time.”
Elizabeth Coppley, 81
Meramac Bluffs

“It reminded me of what ballet technique really is and what to look for at a real ballet performance.”
Phyllis Banister, 81
Meramac Bluffs

“I want to take this ballet class once a week for the rest of my life.”
Jackie Lehman, 85
Meramac Bluffs

“It brought back memories of watching my granddaughter in ballet class.”
Patrick Fazio, 85
Autumn View Gardens

“When we were young, we all wanted to be ballerinas. This [class] makes you feel good inside.”
Shirley Alexander, 82
Briarcrest Estates