Benefits of Ballet

Flexibility– Keeps muscles, tendons and joints supple to prevent injury and increases range of motion.

Low Impact Cardio Endurance– Increase heart’s ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Strength– Prevents loss of bone mass, builds muscle, prevents falling, and improves balance.

Balance– Focus on maintaining upright posture by locating core muscles and finding each individual center of gravity.

Range of Motion– Slow, flowing movement helps joint function by lubricating the joints, reducing joint pain and stiffness. 

Memory Improvement– Keeps the mind sharp through exercises that challenge the body to move rhythmically to classical music while memorizing patterns of steps and counts.

Lifestyle Improvement– Improves energy, boosts mood and confidence, encourages a sense of community and support among participants.

Appreciation of Art– The beauty of dance brings out a personal sense of grace, poise and confidence.