Some Dementia Can Unlock Artistic Creativity

Recently, a 2009 case study released in the journal Neurocase¬†described the peculiar artistic emergence of a former lawyer¬†in his early 50’s. Out of nowhere he quit his job, moved in with his mother, developed some unusual habits…and became a highly skilled prolific visual artist.

What doctors¬†diagnosed was¬†frontotemporal dementia, which occurs when there is shrinkage of the brain‚Äôs frontal and temporal lobes. According to the article posted on¬†Fox News, this occurrence in the brain is “the second most common cause of early-onset dementia” which also “brings on personality change and a neglect of social decorum.” In this patient, among a growing number of others, their dementia unleashed a creative and artistic prowess¬†that seemingly wasn’t there before.

Today, modern neuroimaging is being conducted to help discover why dementia could have such a powerful influence on creativity.

Article source:¬†“How Dementia Can Unlock Creativity In Some People”¬† ¬†Republished on Fox News. Original article by: Eliezer J. Sternberg