You’re Never Too Old To Pursue Your Dreams

We love this story from about 85- year old Arne Mayala, a U.S. Navy Veteran, who took up tap dancing last month. Mayala always loved song-and-dance films like “Singing in the Rain” so the chance to learn some of the moves himself was a dream come true. When Mayala¬†and his wife passed a local dance studio in their home town of Lake Forest, Minnesota, she¬†encouraged him to try it. The studio owner, Robin Lind, says that she can see his weekly improvements. Additionally, Lind notices that along with the joy dance brings, it’s also good for the¬†brain and keeping the aging body moving.

Lind noticed the success that¬†dance has had on Mayala¬†and started teaching senior ballet and tap classes at a local nursing home. We agree with Lind, “You’re never too old to pursue your dreams.”¬†